About us

TCML at Austin

Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning at Austin (TCML at Austin) is a learning center hosted by Goodnews Mandarin Academy (GMA) under Austin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church (ATPC). We offer  classes in Mandarin language with Traditional Chinese characters and Taiwan’s culture experiences. In 2022, GMA was selected to be the official TCML center to serve Austin’s  communities providing adults (over the age of 18) an authentic environment in learning Mandarin and to experience Taiwan culture locally.

GMA is a Mandarin language ministry launched by the Austin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in 2014. Different from the previous ATPC Chinese School in Austin (founded in 1999), the academy focuses on traditional Taiwanese culture in addition to the existing Traditional Chinese language teaching with inheritance and initiation of the Christian faith.

Introduction to Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning​

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